Happy New Year to y'all!!!

11th January 2012

Like most of us after Chrimmy, my clothing seems to have shrunk in the wash? The waist band on the old trousers seems tighter and my jumpers are a little bit snug, damn you washing machine!
Anyhow! I'm back into the swing of things and start back work this week.

"What are you working on Paddy?"

Well I'm glad you asked.The mighty Take Me Out is back on your screens. Saturday nights just got a little bit better and I'm also loving the fact that we've been nominated for an NTA award. I'm sure the techy folk, who update my site, have put the voting details on here somewhere so feel free to cast your vote like an old fisherman casts his net? I'm back at the Manchester Opera House this week for the second run of 'Pantos On Strike'. We're doing Thurs, Fri, Sat then we pack up the show (I say 'we' I mean the stage hands) and take it to Stoke Regents Theatre for a week, I'm looking forward to that, the audiences in Stoke are always top notch. Tickets are available through the theatre websites and Ticketmaster. I'm a guest on the Jonathan Ross show this Saturday. I'll be talking more in depth about most of the stuff in my blog along with some "haha" amusing anecdotes. Once I finish Pantos On Strike, I'm off for a bit of filming on the beautiful Isle Of Fernando's!!! That'll be the last bit of filming for TMO for this series. Once that's finished I'll be swapping my flip flops for some bonny shoes because I'll be starting work on my new series, 'It's a Mad Mad World'. So looking forward to starting on this show, I'll tell y'all a bit more about it in my next blog. Before I go, a quick heads up.

(Shouting loudly on top of a very high mountain in Bolton) "I AM NOT ON TWITTER!"

If you are tweeting............it's not me!!!!!!!! It'll be some f**k wit in their mams back bedroom, you have been warned. www.paddymcguinness.tv (or my facebook page) is the only place to find out what's happening straight from the horses/comic/presenters mouth.

Until our next chance meeting on the electric highway,



my DVD, 'Paddy McGuinness Saturday Night Live', is still available in all good stores across this fine land. Yes you may have to dig your way to the bottom of the bargain basket to get it, but by God it'll be worth every penny of that five pounds.

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